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On CD?? The Roger Whittaker Collection 3 - The Last Farewell

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 30. Jun 2008, 23:48
von mgeldere ... php?id=387

After finding out Songs To Remember is available on CD I did some further digging in Rocco's wonderful discographie and discovered this one: 'The Roger Whittaker Collection 3 - The Last Farewell'- apparently this should exist on CD.

If this is true can anyone help me to get a copy of this? Also, this would suggest the other volumes of this series are also out on CD - would love to have the whole series (have some of them on LP), several rare tracks, never - as far as I know - on CD, such as bubbles, non-stop-love, show me your mountain, anglamark, thinking etc.etc.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks


BeitragVerfasst: Fr 4. Jul 2008, 08:00
von mgeldere
Anyone any thoughts please? The CD must have somehow ended up in the discography?


BeitragVerfasst: Sa 5. Jul 2008, 13:43
von Rocco
Hi Matthijs,

Yes it's true.
All albums on my discgraphie on shows what I have(!).
I have much more, but it needs many time, to write it all into the discographie.

You know, what I mine (scan of Covers etc. ...).

This album was several times on ebay found . Try it out.

If you want a copy or a song as mp3, let it me know,please!

The other albums of this serie, have i never seen, but I think they will still exists as a CD.

Thats the same, how the "The Country Feel Of Roger Whittaker".
I had never seen a CD of the album.
But from all others from this Serie exists a CD.
"The Songwriter", "Singing The Hits", "Heart Touching Favorites" "The Skye Boat Song & Other Songs From..."

If anyone has more information about the Serie(s), out there...Let us know it!

Bye Rocco

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 7. Jul 2008, 07:34
von mgeldere
Hi Rocco

I have tried searching for this but couldn't find them on Cd. Will continue looking however your offer for MP3's would greatly appreciated, if at all possible in 320 kbit/s :)

I think I have one LP from this series - The Roger Whittaker Collection 5 - Morning has Broken - Philips 6459216 with Morning Has Broken, San Diego, Non Stop Love, Aint You Got A Right, Friends, I Dreamed A Dream, Bubbles, Moonshadow, Show Me Your Mountain, Anglamark, Thinking, The Elephant And The Mouse.

If The Last Farewell is labelled as 'part 3' and my Morning has Broken LP is labelled as part 5 that would suggest there are parts 1, 2 and 4 at least. Has anyone seen these?


BeitragVerfasst: Mo 7. Jul 2008, 10:07
von radio_activity
Hi Matthijs,
this series has 8 parts! I do have all 8 LPs. If you want to have more infos, please let me know...
Greetings, Andre

BeitragVerfasst: Di 8. Jul 2008, 06:46
von mgeldere
Hi Andre

I would be interested since part 3 and 5 contain rare tracks, in some cases not to be found anywhere else and definately not on CD.

Has anyone seen any of these other 8 parts on CD? It seems strange they would only release part 3 on CD?