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No reprints of old LPs?

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No reprints of old LPs?

Beitragvon Franssales » Di 16. Feb 2010, 13:02

I recently heard that it is quite impossible to get reprints of Roger's old LPs, because the copyrights are so scattered. Thats a shame indeed, since in my opinion there's many LPs which are the among the very best recordings, and they have never been printed to CD records.

Especially I think two LPs should be reprinted: "This is Roger Whittaker" and "Live with Saffron" which I listened younger but which I do not have. The most dedicated fans have ripped these LPs to sound files, and it is good for private use - if they were available somewhere, but they are not.

If someone knows more of the copyright problem, pls cast some light on it for us. You can also contact me straightly: fransjohn@bigfoot.com
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