Natalies Christmas Newsletter 2004
  Dear Friends,

A late letter for Christmas, but hopefully you will have the time to open it and read in time for the festivities.

This year has been a rollercoaster year of ups and downs, from the wonderfully happy wedding of Guy and Mette and the 40th wedding celebrations , to the shattering few weeks that followed. But before I go into all that news, I must tell you that Roger is feeling better than he has done in the last 10 years. The specialist told him that it was ‘Serendipity’ and that if he wants to work he can go on for another 20 years! Ouch! He has so much energy that I am the one falling down with fatigue!.

The best news of all, for so many of you who have waited patiently for news of tours other than Germany, will be happy to hear that he is doing 4 dates in Denmark late February, after the Irish tour, and in June, he will be appearing in approximately 28 venues in the UK, so watch the ‘Concerts’ box for all the details as they are confirmed.

Also MOMENTS IN MY LIFE will be released in Ireland in January, and hopefully early June in the UK . I still need your help, around the world, in identifying any new albums you see on the market, other than BMG labels so that we can help control the amount of ‘dodgy’ product that is out there, and that also applies to DVDs etc., Vicky and Rory, who are doing a terrific job answering your queries, have just picked up on one in Canada.

I have actually resigned as Roger’s Manager (again!), for the next couple of years, and Howard Elson has stepped into the breach, so that I can get on with the books, and a special TV series we are putting together, for worldwide distribution, featuring Roger showing the world Ireland, its people both now and in history, the music, art and culture through the ages,. He is asking Irish friends to send in poems that he can put to music, describing special events in history, ‘characters’ and myths to show the world the richness of this fabulous country. So I will be very busy helping him research all this, and preparing to start putting it all on film in the late summer after he has finished all the touring for this year.

That is how songs like the ‘LAST FAREWELL’ arrived on the scene, and we know, from living here, how many creative people there are to write such lyrics.

We love living here so much, we want to show it to the world, and there will be no year that we don’t spend the marvellous summer around this island.

Having said that we are actually off tomorrow on our first holiday alone for 19 years, to Thailand, for three weeks. We have had wonderful Holidays with the children and grandchildren in Kenya, Jamaica, and of course Florida, but with so many of us, we always rented a house…..and guess what? while they were all on the beach etc., this idiot here was shopping, cooking and organising laundry, the same as home but in a warmer environment! So this time it is… pampering time for ‘Mother’, going to bed before Santa arrives, no turkey, no washing up, just being with Roger, except when he is on the golf course!

Emily Stewart, Jamie and Milo, Lauren Doc, Rebecca, Imogen and Alistair will spend Christmas with their respective in-laws, while Alex finishes his Master exhibition in the USA for showing in late January (I will be abandoning Roger during that period of the Irish tour to be with Alex for this very important and special time, and help him organise a reception.)

Jessica is so frantically busy writing that she is staying in London, spending the holidays quietly with friends. Guy and Mette are having a traditional Danish Christmas, with her having made all the decorations.

It will be the first time in 40 years that I have not hosted the family Christmas, and I will miss them all terribly, especially the little ones, but we need this rest and they need to see the other parents! Cant hog them all to ourselves. But next year will see the craziness in Ireland again.

As I said at the beginning there were several more ‘bad’ moments after Roger’s little scare. Within three days of getting him home, our darling male bulldog, Rough, started to go literally ‘crazy’ and finally it became obvious there was something seriously wrong to the point that the vet suspected a brain tumour, and when he finally became uncontrollable, we had to put him to sleep. We were devastated, and wept for days, while little Titch wandered around disconsolate and thoroughly lost.

This horrible event was followed within 24 hours with our lovely Baggy, the black cat, being mown down by a lorry! And within a further 48 hours, I got news of another tragedy in Italy and had to rush over there for the funeral. We found ourselves wandering around in a daze, wondering what was next.

Roger took positive steps to boost our spirits and found a small male puppy to console Titch. His name is BORIS and Titch is completely in love! He bounced into our lives, with a grin from ear to ear, no end of mischievous games, and like all small beings, a huge time waster, as we spend hours just watching him and laughing at his antics.

Our lovely housekeeper, Lorna will be here all the time we are away, spoiling him and Titch and trying to deter him from eating all the antiques!

So a new year looms, with, we hope, sunshine in every corner, and getting to see so many of you in Europe. Don’t worry Canada and United States – it may seem a long way away but Roger is already talking about tours with you in 2006.

I must leave you all now, to get the packing done, but we will be raising a glass in the Thai heat to all our friends, throughout the world, and wishing each and every one of you everything you wish for yourselves, peace, happiness, health and a wonderful 2005.

Love from us both always,


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