Natalie's Newsletter May 2005
  Dear Friends,

At last I have a moment to write to you all again! Hectic? Frantic? Yes! I have been totally rushed off my feet, not only with business, Tsunami fund raising efforts, but also with kids!

I am so glad that at last I can report on plans for, and dates of, the UK tour. There was a lot of juggling going on and it wasn’t until last week that everything was firmed up. An awful lot of you know where and when he is appearing from May 29th onwards, from advertisements in the press, but the final list is now attached to the Concert part of our Web site. I am also glad to say that the record company is finally releasing “Moments in my Life” in May to coincide with the tour, so for those of you who haven’t got it, rush out and buy after 25th May!!!!!!! It will, hopefully, be aired on radio in the run up to the tour, so put in your requests for your favourite songs from the album, when you have got your copy.

Roger has nearly finished the German tour, and has loved it all. Great support from all his friends over there, and a few times when it was more like a rock concert in response than a trip down memory lane for followers from 30 years. He is amazed and flattered by how many young people have been at the venues. I went to join him in Hamburg and Dresden - if you haven’t visited Dresden make sure you put it on you ‘places to go wish list’. The rebuilding and beauty of the city is breathtaking, arts, culture, and spirit after the devastation and years of neglect. I told Roger I want to make a personal, non-business visit in the summer with some of the kids, with my comfiest walking shoes, and spend days in all the galleries palaces, and churches – the Cathedral is completely rebuilt, but I didn’t have time to seriously look which was a great pity.

Shortly after writing to you the last time (Tsunami letter) I dashed off to America, to rally support there – more about that later on – and to give Alex moral support and help for his Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition in Savannah. It was great fun, and I got to meet all the outgoing students friends and all his tutors over the years. He has a turn out of about 300 people on the opening evening, and they were at first bemused but intrigued at his complete about-turn from his large oil paintings painting and fine copper etching work, to conceptual interpretation of cartography. Very detailed and finely finished . I know I am his mother, but I loved it.

On leaving I was quite sad at realising that it will be many years before I can visit that wonderful, historic city again, now that he is returning to Europe. He is looking for teaching posts and we secretly hope it wont be too far away as the last 8 years have been very ‘long distance’ for all the family.

Before I joined Roger I had a couple of days in London on Business, followed by helping Jessica with plans for her first real home – a beautiful apartment in London – as she says a daunting prospect! It has a small overgrown garden, so you can imagine my eyes lit up! Luckily she is only too happy to allow me to ‘interfere’ with that! And is delightfully open to any suggestions as to kitchen etc., but I think I had better not push my opinions too much! She is busy tidying up her book, and proposing new TV shows for various companies, so she is certainly not standing still at the moment. Don’t laugh, but she has just started recording and writing songs with a brilliant trio – almost jazz in feel. They have their first ‘gig’ in Derby this weekend. So she covering all bases.

Guy and Mette just came back from their proper honeymoon, starting with three days in Bangkok and onwards to three weeks in New Zealand, which as we predicted they fell in love with. We held our breath that they would want to emigrate on the spot! They went whale watching, swimming with Dolphins, helicoptered onto to a glacier to explore the icefields, visited the glow worm caves, etc., They were so full of stories that we all want to visit again!

The band that Guy plays base with have also just landed a recording deal and their first album will be out in September, so I will let you have details as soon as I have them. It seems that despite all their other abilities, the music inherited is never far away.

Emily and Lauren and their families continue with the usual round of school activities and trials and tribulations of bringing up small children! Emily has developed quite a following in a cosmetics business, part time, so she is pretty busy at the moment, especially that like me, she loves gardening and everything is roaring into growth.

As for the dogs, Titch is wonderful and trying so hard to educate Boris now nicknamed ‘Boris the Bold’ ‘Boris the Bad’ or any other expletives! No matter how many toys he has, he still prefers to cause mayhem with furniture, shoes and my poor garden. I had just finished planting a very neat and carefully forked Asparagus bed the other day, when he decided that lovely fluffy earth was a great play ground….The recovering plants are now secure behind chicken wire. He has 2 acres to romp in, but my seed beds and vegetable garden are his target of choice! He looks so innocent when I catch him up to no good, that it is hard to get really cross – Titch just walks away in disgust at his antics.

As many of you who have so kindly supported our Tsunami record will have noticed, I have now got involved in running a small publishing company for Roger! Even small it is complicated and luckily I am getting great support from experts to save me tearing my hair out!

When Roger has finished his punishing touring in July he intends to spend three months boating, fishing and golfing – and writing new songs! We are not making any further tour plans for the moment while we wait to see interest and planning for the Irish Musical Safari TV idea, and also hopefully anniversary ideas for the Tsunami funds.

PLEASE click on to Kathy Heinecke Minor group website to see pictures and reports of all that they have managed to achieve. Our record took so long to get out that the impact was definitely lost, but we are planning a push again towards Christmas. As I so cynically said in my original letter on the subject, $4 Billion was raised, but from local reports both in Thailand and Aceh province, so little seems to be happening with it, except from the funds of private non profit groups such as the Minor group. Sky television recently interviewed locals in Aceh who said that the clean up and rebuilding is slow as the Official agencies tell them that there is enough private funding, and the bulk of the money is going towards infrastructure such as roads etc., but there was no film of miles of new roads….I suppose somebody one day will go to all areas and film new hospitals schools etc., so that the whole world does not get so disappointed with Charities that they cease donating!

So for me it is busy, busy, busy as usual, but as soon as I have interesting news on Roger’s plans for the rest of the year, I will be in touch.

For all of you still asking about the Musical Safari of Kenya – sorry still no news – it is so contractually tied up, that it is difficult for me to get cracking on pressing the DVD. We will all keep hoping that the various lawyers can find a solution to the problems soon. Once a get the go ahead it will only take three weeks to get the whole thing together.

Vicky and Rory are doing a superb job in answering all the day to day enquiries in the Guestbook and if I know of any other information on much requested old albums, I will let Vicky know.

Roger sends all his love and thanks for all of you in Germany and Denmark and Ireland who have been to see him in concert, and looks forward to returning in 2007. In the meantime he hopes to see lots of familiar faces in the UK in four weeks time…Phew – he only has 6 days at home for R and R before launching off there after the German tour.

Takes care and have a wonderful summer.

Much love


© copyright 2005 Tembo Productions North America, Inc.

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